Xi Jinping: In Defense of Globalism

By | January 18, 2017

Xi Jinping, China’s President, has been hard at work throughout 2016 on securing good trade relations in many areas of the world. In the 12 months of 2016, Xi spent much of his time abroad visiting with world leaders, discussing trade and power politics. At the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Xi Jinping continued his quest… Read More »

Talent Recruitment in China. Who gets the best of the best?

By | January 13, 2017

International firms in China have always been able to secure stable resources for growth in their competition with national enterprises. Foreign companies for years have been able to run circles around Chinese companies, flaunting better skills, human resources, and capital. But now, Chinese-grown companies are now able to offer top talent from around the world competitive career opportunities.… Read More »

China Posts First Ever “National Red Alert” for Smog Levels

By | January 6, 2017

Throughout the leading weeks, China and specifically Beijing have been seeing record levels (a trend happening over the last few years) of smog levels. Now, the smog has reached what the nation calls a “red alert” in 24 of the nation’s cities. But why, why is China the leader in smog creation worldwide? Geography, Economics, and History all… Read More »

The Future of China’s Investments in the US

By | December 29, 2016

Since 2009, China’s Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) into the US have been steadily growing, but this may all change with a Trump presidency.  In mid-2016, China was estimated to break records in FDI to the US, at around $20-$30 billion, mainly through the process of acquisitions and mergers. At the time, politics was the forefront of the main… Read More »

Chinese Tourism; More Potential Than Ever

By | December 19, 2016

Chinese tourism around the globe undoubtedly has boomed in the recent years. During the winter and summer vacation months of the Chinese calendar, the vacationers search for places far away to spend their hard earned time off. Each year, China sends about 200 million travelers abroad throughout the world, a staggering number which serves to tantalize travel and luxury… Read More »

China and Market Economy Status in the WTO

By | December 14, 2016

In 2001, the People’s Republic of China was given membership to the World Trade Organization. This was a big deal for China, it gave China access to the trading framework used by the world’s trade superpowers. China’s membership in the WTO helped the country spread its influence (and goods) around the globe at an extremely fast pace. When… Read More »

“Counterfeit Hunters”, a Viable Solution or Opportunists?

By | December 7, 2016

China is known for its cheap, expendable goods. From plastics to hardware, China produces these goods around the clock, selling them around the world. Most notably, nearly everything we buy here in the US has a tag marked “made in China”. Within China though, producers are known for creating goods in the like and image of other, more expensive… Read More »

China’s Healthcare Market

By | November 30, 2016

China’s current healthcare market is made up of both public and private insurance programs. Most public health insurance providers only cover about half of medical costs, and even less for more serious or chronic issues. Private insurance programs boast better coverage. About 95% of the population has at least basic health insurance coverage, which is much better than… Read More »

Chinese Merchants Find Opportunity on Amazon

By | November 22, 2016

As the world’s largest electronic business platform,  Amazon has attracted countless sellers, and now as Amazon stretches across continents, the giant has tapped into the Chinese market, specifically with the Chinese seller. Toting the most well-known manufacturing descriptor, “Made in China”, the Chinese seller is also one of the most active of the Amazon platform. However, the influx… Read More »

Trade War- China vs. US

By | November 16, 2016

Since the nomination of future president Donald J. Trump, people have been speculating about his impact on the roles America plays around the world. From economic to military foreign policy, experts and average joes are analyzing and speculating about Trump’s possible involvement and how he will shape the future of America. One thing is for certain, though, a… Read More »