Intellectual Property Cases in China

By | July 8, 2016

Over the past year, many new copywrite and patent laws in China have been sprouting up, but it’s not the kind of cases you’re probably thinking of. When we think of copywrite infringement in China, we’re probably thinking about big companies working to eliminate any copycat brands which are hurting their business in the market.  Instead, these new cases are small brands themselves suing large companies over intellectual property. The Patent and copywrite laws and enforcement in China is known for beeing loose, but in 2016 more than ever there have been new presidents in cases against large companies like Apple, China’s Baidu, and Vringo in the Chinese court system from small local companies in China’s cities.

One of the most interesting cases, was the Shenzhen Baili smartphone producer’s suit against Apple. In 2014, Baili claimed that the modles of Apple’s new Iphone resembled the look of their already-on-the-market cellphones. 2 years later, Shenzhen Baili has gone out of business, taken out of commission by buggy products and bad management.  Baili, owned by their parent company Digione, has debts now which exceed their assets, yet they continue to fight the legal battle against Apple. The case goes to trial at the China State Intellectual Property office in a few months, and both sides are gearing up for what could be a very controversial hearing. 4670610d78c74b0fb288c9c3aff20e2f

This hearing is just one of many currently ongoing cases, read more here:

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