How to Complete Preliminary Checks of A Chinese Company

By | March 2, 2016


Doing business internationally, especially if it’s your first time, can seem complicated and nerve-racking. But if proper checks are completed, internationally operating enterprises can drastically lower any chances of a bad business experience. The problem is, even seasoned veterans who have been doing business with China for many years sometimes miss out on important checks, especially checks on businesses in China. These issues arise from the neglect of business verification services.

Business checking is a fundamental piece of business practically anywhere, but internationally it is even more important. Certain businesses, for the sake of lowering risks, send high ranking managers or inspectors to personally inspect assets of their partners, or meet their partners face to face. Others rely on phone and email communication. These methods are great tools in combating business fraud, but dealing with a business not from your own country, which operates under different domestic law may need to be looked at more closely. Third party cross referenced checks on important pieces of information seem to be the best tool to ensure legal and proper business function.


Details Verification

Business checks for Chinese organizations should start with simple cross-referencing of important materials and information. When starting business with a Chinese company, it is very important to ask for their business details, history, or relevant paperwork depending on the type of business partnership. When asking for business details, one of the most important documents is the Chinese Business License, something we had discussed in our previous post. The Chinese Business License contains very important information, including top ranking officials, legal representative, business type, business scope, date of establishment, and other important materials. Once these documents are received, it is important to note the validity of these documents; an international business lawyer may be required.

After receiving important documents, ensuring their validity is very important. Online, there are many services which offer 3rd party verification. Most services provide simple verification of the Chinese Business License. These checks are completed by verification service companies requesting documents from the Chinese government and scanning those documents to their customers. What is great and different about CNBizCheck’s services is that all business verification services are done instantly through the power of big data technologies. All of CNBizCheck’s information comes directly from Chinese government sources, ensuring the most up to date information at all times. Because CNBizCheck operates so efficiently, you and your business can complete important verifications quickly and smoothly, helping you spend more time on the important parts of doing business and less time worrying.

Contacting Previous Partners and Search Engines

After checking business details and business licenses, it is time to make the next step in verifying your potential partners, looking through past records. For most people, simply typing in the business’s name into google seems like the most logical thing to do, but there are more and better steps to verifying potential business partners. For news of your target company, try using Chinese search engines, like  For the contact information of previous partners, try CNBizCheck’s more in-depth reports. Full historical reports and media information are all available at



Verifying a potential Chinese business partner should never seem easy, and proper background checking is important. Utilizing Chinese business verification services can make this process simpler and more streamlined. The best known service for these types of checks in as its reports are instant, up to date, prices are reasonable, and has great customer support year round.

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