Trade War- China vs. US

By | November 16, 2016

Since the nomination of future president Donald J. Trump, people have been speculating about his impact on the roles America plays around the world. From economic to military foreign policy, experts and average joes are analyzing and speculating about Trump’s possible involvement and how he will shape the future of America. One thing is for certain, though, a Donald Trump presidency will not be one that can be easily predicted. As seen from his campaign, Trump has been quoted saying conflicting ideas against his previous statements, showing analysts and the world that he a loose cannon that is not easily put into a box. Many writers and analysts have expressed deep concern for Trump as a president as he simply does not represent stability like his predecessor Barack Obama has.

On trade with China, Trump has been prominent for promoting tougher policy against Chinese economic players. The problem, though, is that he has not laid out specifics on how he would do that. He has claimed, though that he will create new trade barriers between the US and China, separating the two countries from a closer amiable relationship, and plunge them deep into a “Trade War”. A trade war is an event in which countries attack each other’s trade paths using tariffs, quotas, and restrictions as weaponry.

A Trade War between the US and China could be disastrous, hitting hard for big companies straddling between the two continents like Apple, whose manufacturing base resides in China, and its tech headquarters located in the US. For companies like these, trade restrictions can only limit their success.

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