Chinese Tourism; More Potential Than Ever

By | December 19, 2016

Chinese tourism around the globe undoubtedly has boomed in the recent years. During the winter and summer vacation months of the Chinese calendar, the vacationers search for places far away to spend their hard earned time off. Each year, China sends about 200 million travelers abroad throughout the world, a staggering number which serves to tantalize travel and luxury businesses around the globe. These businesses want to make the Chinese traveler feel at home in a foreign country, despite the cultural and language difference, but is that really what Chinese travelers want? What about China and its people cause it to be the number one source of international travel in the world? Will travelers going abroad grow even more in the coming years?

Destination airports in the US who receive Chinese tourists the most are now working with businesses in the area to provide hospitality and engagement with Chinese tourists. New hospitality companies, like “China Ni Hao”, have been set up to specifically cater to Chinese tourists. They work in airports and other transportation hubs to help Chinese tourists find their way in a new city while also promoting local businesses and leisure activities. These companies also work with airports and other big travel businesses to enhance direct travel from China to the US. This type of travel service is a direct result of the large influx of travelers into the US from China, and it seems to be paying off.

But, how has China become the number one source of international travel in the world in the first place? Primarily, it is from the freedom of movement acquired after several social reforms since the 1980s. People on many different socio-economic levels are now able to afford these trips abroad. Stemming from this, there are more students flocking to US cities, so more families will come and visit them in the US. Another reason has to do with the Chinese admiration and intrigue for the American way of life, as well as its popular culture, Hollywood movies, and many more cultural pieces.

Chinese travelers to the US are growing every year, and in the grand scheme of things, will continue to grow each year. China is improving economically, socially, politically, and military. As China grows, Chinese people will continue to travel around the world and their influence with them.

What drives Chinese outbound tourism?

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