The “Organization Code Certificate” of China ; How Can It Help You?

By | March 12, 2016
Organization code certificate

What is the Organization Code Certificate?

The “Organization Code Certificate”, in short, “Organization Code” is a type of certificate any institution must apply for if it plans to take part in economic or social activities. The Organization Code is administrated by China’s National Administration for Code Allocation to Organizations (全国组织机构代码管理中心) or NACAO. It is the main mechanism for legally registering an institution in China. Each legally registered organization, be it a business, social organization, or private non-enterprise units is provided its own identification number, which acts as a type of identification number for the institution. The Organization Code is the way the Chinese Government collects data and enforces policy on the operation of large organizations, be it social, business, or philanthropic in nature.

The Organization Code Certificate includes both a hard copy (containing an IC card) and an electronic copy. The registration code number includes a total of 8 numeric digits followed by an uppercase letter A-Z.



Underneath of the number, there is a barcode, and underneath that is the:

name of the establishment,

type of organization,

legal representative,

the relevant address,

its effective date,

the police issuing address,

and the relevant phone number.

On the next page, there should be a red stamp underneath a body of text and at the bottom of the page, a number should be listed. The physical copy of the Organization Code should be printed with fluorescent security inks, and is printed in anti-altering shading. The electronic version should have the watermark “NACAO” on the front.

Why is the Organization Code Certificate Important?

Well the Organization is important mostly for legal reasons. For Chinese organizations, the Organization Code is the form they must set up to legally operate in China and start paying taxes or obtain licenses, such as an export license or business license. Also, if a company wants to open a bank account, they must first provide their Organization Code. The business code is used for every aspect of running an organization, and helps simplify governmental procedures.

We’ve talked before about the business certificate and how important it is to verifying potential business partners in China, so why need information from the Organization Code at all? The Organization Code is important because all information gathered from NACAO is stored in a large database, with records of every legally operating organization in China since 1989. This code system is very reliable and can be tracked throughout the years like a type of yearbook for organizations; and is completely free to be searched. CNBizCheck utilizes this information and cross checks it with other information from many different sources into making their reports. Thus making CNBizCheck not only the only business verification service that is instant, but also the most reliable.


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