How to Verify a Chinese Business with CNBizCheck-Steps

By | March 13, 2016
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When browsing possible partners on Alibaba, it’s important you know who you’re dealing with behind the other side of the internet. Simple Google searches may find some relevant information, but by and large, most information about Chinese businesses are very difficult to pinpoint. There are some specific important pieces of information that is vital to successful cooperation which can help you and your business operate successfully in China, specifically when searching through Contact information should be your key priority, and background information is also very important to review.

No. 1

Searching for a report on CNBizCheck is the best and fastest way to finding good relevant information on your target company. At this point, you may only have very basic information about the company, possibly only the company’s name. Alibaba does also offer some other information including the province its headquarters operates in, its total annual revenue, the year it was established, etc.


Type the English name, Chinese name, registration number, or organization code of any Chinese company into our search engine at



Once you find the correct business in question, click the name of the company. On the next page, select the target company and verify all information corresponds correctly. On this page, you can browse the several different types of products CNBizCheck offers, as well as view sample reports of each of our products.


Then, select the type of report you would like to generate.



After selecting the type of report, you will be directed to our payment page. CNBizCheck uses Paypal as its main payment portal.



View your ordered report on our webpage. Within 24 hours, you will be sent a full, professional report.



To be able to view previous reports, consider registering an account with us. With an account, you can view any of your previously generated reports at any time, from anywhere!


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